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---The GMP Consultant


Jared Clark JD MBA PMP

 I have helped nearly 100 companies achieve certification quickly and affordably through smart project management and lean implementation methods. 

"Jared was always ready to help!"

--Yoedvin Vasquez, Axcex

Darrin Briggs PCQI

I have 10+ years of experience managing teams in large food production facilities as well as helping small businesses with compliance and certification procedures. I have a strong passion for helping others solve their unique problems.

"Darrin was amazing to work with!"

--Janet Dote, CEO of Sparks

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Quality Management System & Documentation

Only a custom and fully integrated management system is sufficient to pass a GMP audit. Our documentation is the result of days of elicitation and development to ensure that the procedure or form aligns perfectly with your actual best practices.

Facilities & Equipment Design

For the level of performance required by GMP, your facilities and equipment must be designed with quality in mind. Our consultants have trained architects and engineers on how to properly design GMP facilities. We can also help you to ensure that your facilities and equipment are designed for success.


Consider all the opportunities where something could go wrong during production. These risks must be identified and prevented or mitigated. Foresight and careful planning are necessary. Evata has the experience to ensure that all risks are properly managed.


The weakest link in the supply chain defines the strength of the entire chain. Controlling suppliers and raw materials and ingredients is essential to ensuring the level of quality required by GMP. Evata can help you define the proper controls for your suppliers.

Laboratory Controls

Laboratory testing is an exact science requiring consistent, predictable results at a high level of performance. Testing is often the last line of defense before a product goes to market. Evata can help you build a complete and fully integrated laboratory management system.


Even before and after production materials are subject to deterioration if not properly packaged. Quality outcomes require consideration of the interactions and requirements related to transporting, storing, and preserving materials and product. Evata can help you plan your packaging requirements.


Even the safest product can become dangerous if not used properly. Proper labelling is an important step in ensuring the ultimate safety of the product for the consumer. Evata has industry and legal professionals to ensure proper labelling.


Once everything is built out, then is the time to prove that it works as planned before actually making product. Evata can help you create an effective validation plan.

Software & Integration

Software plays a big role in controlling and preventing errors in the production process. Evata has helped in selecting and rolling out many enterprise-level software solutions for GMP.

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